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Shower Door

Fashionable frameless doors are a popular trend nowadays, smoothly sliding shower soors add a sense of luxury to your bathroom.The roller can be choose as 40mm, 60mm even 70mm diameter with flat surface or circle surface.It can be recessed or used with a single-slide shower screen.

Many of our clients select this fuctional used on theirs shower doors, shower enclosures and shower screens.

Patterned glass: We can produce the patterned glass cording to your needs, just contact us directly. It can make your shower doors more beautiful.

Tinted glass: Just give us your color, can produce it. The normal is clear, extra clear, gray, dark gray, tea for your reference on shower glass.

High quality best frameless shower doors LINCON MSD-P22 wholesale
Features- Size: 60’’x 76’’, 60’’x78’’ or customized according to your needs.- The sturdy and stable door has top rail support to ensure wall anchoring and enhance wall stability. The high-quality 304 stainless steel can withstand a lot of weight and provide reliable and stable support.- 8mm toughened transparent glass provides reliable protection and cleaning vision.- The full-length transparent sealing strip prevents water from splashing outside.- Fashionable frameless doors are a popular trend nowadays, Smoothly Sliding Shower Doors add a sense of luxury to your bathroom.- Smoothly Sliding Shower Doors are suitable for floor or pallet installation.- The roller can be choose as 40mm, 60mm even 70mm diameter with flat surface or circle surface.- It can be recessed or used with a single-slide shower screen.- The reversible design of left and right hand makes things all your heart.
Professional aluminium shower doors Lincoln MSS-P22
Package details1). Interlayer paper or plastic between two sheets2). Seaworthy wooden crates3). Iron belt for consolidationLENS Professional Lincoln MSS-P22 manufacturers,Sell to more than 100 countries and areas.
Customized tempered glass shower door Lincoln SS-P21
Model NO.:Lincoln SS-P21Glass: 8mm/10mm tempered glass with ANSI.SS304/aluminum top rail with round / square shape.2 pcs of big roller with 40mm diameter with anti-jump.SS304 vertical handle with polished.Bottom aluminum water seal stripe.SS304 bottom door guide.SS304 door stopper and glass fastener.LENS Customized Lincoln SS-P21 manufacturers FromChina,100% quality checking before shipment.
Professional glass shower enclosures Lincoln-F4-P21 manufacturers
Bypass Shower Enclosures with Big RollersLENS Professional Lincoln-F4-P21 manufacturers,100% quality checking before shipment.A STATUS SYMBOL FOR YOUR SUCCESS ONLYENJOY HIGH QUALITY MORE SAFETY NO AFTER SALES CONCERN5 YEARS QUALITY GUARANTEE
Wholesale hinged glass shower door Outside-P21 LENS
Big hinge glass shower door -  Inside & Outside openLENS Introto Outside-P21 LENS,Modern, minimalist, luxurious and pure Framed Shower Screen is a beautiful view of the bathroom. Made of durable 8 mm transparent tempered glass, this screen is flexible and spot resistant, preventing dangerous damage or debris. A single fixed frame occupies only a small part of the bathroom, keeping the rest of the room unobstructed. The screen has a high-quality plating finish and will not rust, corrode or lose luster. Framed Shower Screen also has vertical and bottom rail support to ensure a firm and stable fixation to the wall.
China custom frameless shower doors Inside-P21
Frameless shower door regular packaging: 1)5 layers corrugated board carton with marks printed 2)Glass covered with pearl foam 3)Carton bound with 4-6 plastic belts 4)Alumininum protected with foam film