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Solving Common Problems Of Sliding Shower Doors
Check if the pulley is broken, whether the track is deformed, and if it is, replace it;Check whether the pulley is tightened tightly, whether the left and right sides of the door slide parallel, and the side is tightly adjusted.Whether the movable door wheel and the glass are stuck;If none of the above is true, check whether the upper and lower guide rails are in place, check whether the distance between the upper and lower holes of the glass is correct, and lubricating oil can be added to make the door smoother.Summary: In fact, it is normal for best sliding shower doors not to move. You don't need to worry too much about its problems. As long as you determine the cause and then solve it, the sliding shower room door can return to its original state!


LENS Shower Door Shower Room
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Structure And Characteristics Of Sliding Shower Doors
In this embodiment, the first roller assembly 5 on the top of the sliding shower doors 3 is fixed by a U-shaped glass clamp 8. A fixing block 81 is formed on the inner side of the U-shaped glass clamp 8. The fixing block 81 is provided with a screw hole 811, and the first roller assembly 5 passes Screws are fixed on the fixing block 81; the outside of the U-shaped glass clamp 8 is provided with a clamping groove 82, and the top of the movable door 3 is clamped and fixed in the clamping groove 82; Between the fixed block 81 and the clamping groove 82; therefore, the first roller assembly 5 drives the movable door 3 to slide through the U-shaped glass clamp 8.A handle assembly 31 is provided on the movable door 3 in this embodiment, so that people can hold the handle assembly 31 to push and pull activities. In this embodiment, the fixed door 2 and the movable door 3 are both glass doors. The utility model can be installed on the sliding shower room door base 9 to build a sliding shower room door. When in use, the movable door 3 of the utility model can be driven by the first roller assembly 5 and the second guide rail 6, Slide the left and right smoothly; when the movable door 3 slides to the left, the movable door 3 overlaps with the fixed door 2, at this time, the frameless sliding shower doors is open, and when the movable door 3 slides to the right, the movable door 3 and the fixed door 2 No overlap, at this time, the sliding shower room door is closed. Of course, the above is only the preferred embodiment of the present utility model, so all equivalent changes or modifications made according to the structure, features, and principles described in the scope of the utility model patent application are included in the utility model patent application. Within range.


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