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Technical Field Of Sliding Glass Shower Door
The utility model relates to a sliding glass shower doo device, in particular to a sliding shower room door.BACKGROUND Currently, sliding shower room doors have been widely used in bathrooms in hotels, homes, and other places. Sliding shower room door is an important device commonly used in sliding shower room door. Due to the environment of sliding shower room door, the current sliding shower room door is usually designed as a side sliding structure, which will not occupy more when opening The space is very convenient to use.For the door body to slide, it is required to install mounting parts on the upper and lower sides of the door body to install and position the door body. The common frameless sliding glass shower door of the sliding door in the market is generally prone to water leakage during bathing The floor outside the wet sliding shower room door is likely to cause safety hazards; moreover, most sliding shower room doors on the existing market have complicated structures and troublesome installation. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The purpose of the present invention is to provide a sliding shower room door, which can prevent water from seeping out during bathing, has a simple structure and is easy to install.
Style And Material Of Modern Shower Door
In order to achieve the wet and dry separation of the bathroom, most of the shower rooms are installed.LENS is a company which engage in technical innovation and quality control.Unique strategy mode,build sales network all over the world,have more than 2000stores in china marketA STATUS SYMBOL FOR YOUR SUCCESS ONLYENJOY HIGH QUALITY MORE SAFETY NO AFTER SALES CONCERN5 YEARS QUALITY GUARANTEE
LENS Projects Show
LENS Projects ShowLENS is a company which engage in technical innovation and quality control.Creating a comfortable and safe shower room space is LENS'S commitment.Zhongshan LENS HOME Co.,Ltd.founded in 2002 is the first enterprise in theshower room industry to combine R&D manufacture marketing and service all in one.LENS is a international enterprise that is fulfilled with innovative and exporatory spiritand it is also one of the most trustworthy,credible,responsible companies who come outtop in this area.Unique strategy mode,build sales network all over the world,have more than2000 stores in china market

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